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Mission Statement

Atharva BioSciences is a unique company that is driven by science and a commitment to quality. We operate a state of the art and innovative molecular diagnostic facility with emphasis on research and development.

We believe in using cutting edge tools to develop new tests that would be helpful in patient management. The tests that we perform have been developed after considerable research, either "in-house" or in the laboratories of our key collaborators.

Our scientific advisors and collaborators are based in world-renowned institutions and universities in India and USA.
We focus on providing physicians and other healthcare professionals the best possible molecular diagnostic tests for various disorders, and we constantly upgrade our services and seek new ways to improve our services.

Many of the tests that we introduce are unique or relatively new in the diagnostic arena. We provide assistance in interpreting the results of our tests by educating the physicians to utilize the test results to aid and supplement other clinical information in diagnosing and managing various disorders.
Thus, Atharva BioSciences aims to be a reference laboratory that is dedicated to the development and commercialization of molecular diagnostic tests to provide physicians with diagnostic answers that can improve the quality of health care for patients in a cost effective manner.

New Training Programs in Molecular Biology, rDNA Techniques, Real time PCR, and LAMP
Atharva Biosciences is a ISO 9001:2000 certified Lab.
Real Time PCR for Dengue introduced
  Quantitative results on all infectious disease assays
  Real Time PCR and other technologies
  Patient's last test results included with each lab result

Experienced & accessible Lab Scientists available to consult

  Collaborative Research
  If you would like us to develop a test call our Lab Scientists
  Our scientists are available to collaborate with you on molecular diagnostic projects
  Ongoing collaborations with several academic centers in India and the USA

Atharva BioSciences
ISO 9001:2000 Certified
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